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Micro-blading is one of the beauty treatments taking the beauty industry by storm. Micro-blading is a brow tattoo with a difference. As you tattoo freehand 3D hair strokes giving a more natural look to the brow unlike the traditional tattoo. Below is just some of the work done so far.  The tattoo lasts 3-5 years. A booster is required every 12-18 months to keep it vibrant.  You can split payments in 2 installments.  1st payment due on initial booking 2nd payment due a month later on your top up appointment.

Microblading process simplified:

The Micro-blading procedure usually lasts around 1.5-2 hours, most of this time involves the prep work that needs to be done first. Before the pigmentation even begins, I work one-on-one with the client to ensure that we match the right eyebrow shape that best suites their needs and expectations. Also, the actual colour of the brow will be selected in order to properly match the skin tone and desired finished look the client is looking for.

Once everything is ready to go, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area to minimize any discomfort. Once the procedure is complete, minor redness and swelling is expected to occur. This will calm down in a day or so, depending on the client. Initial healing takes 3-7 days and the skin will heal over the tattoo pigment during this time.

Initially the colour of the new brow will look very dark, but this will soften as it heals over. The most important thing is to keep this area clean and dry as it heals. This means no picking at the brow area and also applying after care ointment that is given to you to ensure proper healing.

A complementary follow up will be scheduled 4-6 weeks following the procedure. During this visit, minor touch-ups may be needed to perfect the shape of the new brows.

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