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Nu skin contouring lip gloss

                                    I can not live without this amazing lip gloss.  My bottom lip wasnt much of a problem but my top lip was very flat.  The gloss i find as a good moisturiser for the lips if anything else.  Which is great as i am not really a fan of chap sticks or vaseline.  I was very cautious of trying the gloss after trying others i cant stand the tingling or burning sensation.  I was pleasantly surprised as there was no adverse effects. I simply watched my lips natural collagen boost.  As u can see from the first pick the reaction happening with my lips natural collagen straight away.  In the second picture shows my results after 5 days.  Full results can take up to 28 days but this wasnt the case for me.  I now only need to apply the gloss once a week just to re-boost to continue with the amazing results.  This is a product i highly recommend and cannot live without.  Now available to purchase from my OB online shop
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Nu skin contouring lip gloss
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